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The lower quernstone possessed a domed grinding face and the upper stone was double concave in section. While the surfaces of these querns are usually pecked, late examples show a segmented radial grooving on the grinding surfaces.

Handle sockets with elbow- shaped 1019 single malt trail minden perforation were already an innovation of the late Iron Age.

They had a meta with a flat conical grinding surface and a catillus with a broad raised rim.

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The active surfaces were grooved for functional reasons. A survey of these quernstones reveals several examples found to the southeast of this region.

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Though, so far, virtually no closely dated specimens are known from contexts after the Partnersuche neu revolt. Already for the saddle querns of the late Hallstatt Period Joachim as well as for the Iron Age rotary querns, which were found as far as present-day Hesse Wefers a:the find distribution suggests that these products were transported on waterways to customers outside the region.

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Also, in later times fluvial transport remained crucial Enzmann From the early Roman period, quarrying further increased and exports expanded Mangartz 52, ; Schaaff The opening of new quarries Mangartz 2 and the establishment of new settlements continued not only a trend already Journal of Lithic Studies vol. There are indications of a division of labour in the production of millstones, with a spatial separation of production steps, and a firmly organized transport Mangartz Probably the state intervened: the quarry area of Mayen was newly parceled out Hörter et al.

Mayen became a town, with paved streets, a water pipe system, thermae, separated quarters of potters and stonemasons, and - perhaps later - a temple Giljohann et al.

Maramures, Baia Mareinfo mezeaudio. Digital Hi-Fi LtdDistributorIfigenias 8a, Nicosiamichael.

The querns manufactured since the early imperial period in the vicus of Mayen and in villae near the quarries e. The upper stone has a broad cm and distinctly stepped rim, its underside is adapted to the lower stone with its flat conical grinding surface.

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The underside of the lower stone is hollowed out to reduce the weight. Grooves carved in the grinding surfaces increased the effectiveness of the mills.

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In addition, grooves were chiselled on top of the runners and on the side surfaces of runners and lower stones for decoration.