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Roy Jones Email royjonesgaol. Communications welcomes manuscripts relating to all facets of Brecht's work.

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Manuscripts should conform to the ML4 Style Manual and should not exceed 7, words. You are encouraged to include with flirt dating dating manuscript the text in Word Perfect or Microsoft Word on IBM formatted 3 or 5 diskettes. The Editor wishes to thank Professor Carl Weber, Drama Department, and Professor Russell Berman, Chair of the German Department, Stanford University, for their support.

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IBS Officers: Siegfried Mews, President Dept. Theatres, museums, publishers, TV stations and other cultural institutions throughout Germany were and still are celebrating this event.

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Festivities have been particularly elaborate in Brecht's first and last cities of residence. Augsburg dedicated this year's cultural event series to its most prominent son culminating in Brecht's birthday party at the "Rathaus. Comparing Brecht to Goethe, Everding confirmed that for many Germans Brecht has become one of the classics.

Thanks to Kurt Idrizovic, editor of Dreigroschenheft, I was able to attend the event.


In his memorable speech to the Berlin Academy of Arts, German President Roman Herzog reflected on Brecht's importance in the context of 20th century German history. While German audiences have embraced Brecht, he is viewed with less enthusiasm in the English-speaking world.

A number of British and American critics are still holding his leftist politics against him. John Fuegi's vindictive portrayal of Brecht as a shameless opportunist, exploiter and fraud has not helped either.

Many American theater artists look at Brecht and his works through the lens of their own prejudices.

Charles Spencer's review of Mother Courage p. The International Brecht Society has been Brecht's strongest advocate in the US. More on the San Diego Conference in the next issue of Communications. Like always, I would like to thank those who have helped me with this edition: Marc Silberman, Siegfried Mews, Carl Weber, and many others.

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Special thanks to Roy Jones for his technical assistance. The front cover presents bernard manning single fella joke painting of Brecht by Augsburg artist Alfred Eckert.

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Gudrun Tabbert-Jones, Santa Clara University PRESIDENT'S REPORT Under the heading "Gedenktage," the Fachdienst Germanistik of March quotes the Neue Ziiricher Zeitung 21November as reporting with regard to the then impending celebrations on occasion of the hundredth anniversary of BB's birth that such a "weitraumige Werkschau" devoted to a single writer was unprecedented.

The term "Werkschau" refers to the veritable deluge of films on Brecht that were shown on German TV, productions of his plays, recitations, lectures, round-table discussions, and exhibitions that made it difficult if not impossible, as Fachdienst Germanistik put it, to avoid coming into contact with Brecht.

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To be sure, this onslaught of commemorative events elicited negative reactions - "Brecht bis zum 2 Communications Erbrechen" may count as a pun of dubious distinction - as well as imaginative marketing ploys such as the "Brecht-Wurst" an enterprising Augsburg butcher offered his customers. Perhaps one is justified in concluding from this significant resonance that the name of Brecht has become a household word that is recognized not only in the theater and in literary circles but by the public at large - at least in the German-speaking countries.

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While such almost universal name recognition is not necessarily an unmitigated blessing, it does tend to convey a degree of acceptance only few writers can boast of. The aforementioned Fachdienst provides an impressive list of titles - albeit incomplete - that appeared during the last months.

Felix Hartlaub: Paris underground

Suffice it to mention only a very few, notably the now complete thirty-volume Grofie kommentierte Berliner und Frankfurter Ausgabe, begun as a cooperative venture between the publishing companies of Suhrkamp West and Aufbau East approximately ten years ago, that will be an indispensable textual basis for future Brecht research. A cursory comparison a bernard manning single fella joke detailed review will eventually be forthcoming of the American and the German versions reveals that the translation appears to have fewer flaws - they were listed in BRECHT YEARBOOK 20 - than the original, owing primarily to the labors of translator Sebastian Wohlfeil.

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Without doubt, Fuegi will continue to require our attention, but, needless to say, there are more constructive approaches to be pursued. Without indulging in self-congratulatory statements, it is fair to say that the IBS continues to have an important function as a forum for discussing matters relating to BB.

The international IBS symposium that is going to take place from 28 to 31 May on the campus of the University of California San Diego has been mentioned repeatedly in previous issues of this journal.

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Sponsoring the symposium that seeks to ascertain Brecht's relevance in past, present, and future merely confirms the determination of the IBS, an association that I am honored to serve as president, to continue fostering the exchange of ideas about one of the great writers of the twentieth century. Siegfried Mews, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill TREASURER'S REPORT The six months since November have seen the complete reorganization of the IBS member database, with the expectation that future membership renewal and billing cycles will work ever more smoothly.

Of special help with Paradox programming has been my assistant Charles Beetschen, who regrettably leaves for Japan in July.