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Dream flight quilt pattern, Jacqueline de jong

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This fresh assortment of heartwarming designs is perfect for giving to friends, family, or those in need. For these new quilts, Karin Renaud uses the same bright color palette that attracted so many quilters to her previous book, Quilts front the Heart: Quick Projects for Generous Giving.

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I think of the people for whom I am making the quilt and the occasion for which I am making it. I wonder and anticipate how the quilt will be used.

Will it be used and enjoyed daily, or will it be put in a cupboard, never to be seen except on special occasions?

dream flight quilt pattern

I also think about who will see it, use it, and enjoy it in the years to come. Sometimes 1 must stop working on a project to take care of something else?

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I can look at a quilt, years after 1 have made it, and tell you the events that were going on in my life at that time. I think about the fabrics as I sew them into each project.

dream flight quilt pattern

So many of them bring to mind special occasions and individuals? Then there was the fabric that I just had to have, and then spent weeks trying to figure out the perfect quilt in which to dream flight quilt pattern it. There was also the magical fabric that, the moment 1 found it, made everything else in the quilt fall into place. I think about the quilts that capture special moments and memories?

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Quilts such as "Hie Raspberry Thief" on page 74, are a reminder of my own childhood. I am unable to separate my feelings from the physical act of quilting.

dream flight quilt pattern

For me, the quilts that I make are truly from the heart. The heartfelt connection begins when we first see a pattern.

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How we feel about it is what makes one quilt pattern say "Make me! Those feelings continue throughout the process and are the qualities that make one person's quilt different from another's.

The emotional connections, the occasions, the recipients, dream flight quilt pattern colors, and the fabrics are unique to each quilter. In this book I hope that you will find a quilt, or quilts, with which you feel a bond.

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Embrace those feelings and make each quilt your own. Quiltmaking Basics,?

dream flight quilt pattern

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