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Single taken building an empire finding myself. 5 Scottsdale Grouponers talk sales, career journeys, & haikus

What do you do? What do you love about it? What does a typical day look like?

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I first came to Groupon to work on the Merchant Support team where I spent time interacting with hundreds of merchants and learning the platform. I was selected to participate in a pilot project throughout an entire quarter to roll out upgraded payment terms for our merchants across all our verticals.

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It was such a huge success with such high conversion that it is now universally enforced. Thanks to the project, merchant payments are more visible, trade-ins occur more frequently, and our refund processing process is simplified.

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It was definitely an experiment that required strategic decision-making, action, and confidence! Who or what inspires you?

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The merchants I work with each day—I have built some incredible relationships and love asking how their families are doing and learning the impact Groupon has made on them and their business.

You seem to really love working with our merchants!

Do you have a story of a particular merchant with whom you have built a strong working relationship? He owns a beautiful spa in Vaughan and just opened a second location in Mississauga, Ontario. We speak on a weekly basis! Groupon has brought in thousands of clients and he uses the platform to build up his customer reviews and reputation in both cities.

He is reasonable, detail-oriented, and aims to provide the best customer experience possible!

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What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer? The office has SO much energy and such a relaxed dress code!

It was required at my previous job to wear formal attire and now I can even wear leggings or jeans?! And where exactly were you before joining Groupon?

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Before working for Groupon I worked in hotel management out in Scottsdale, Arizona. What advice do you have for someone interested in joining Groupon?

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Be ready to adapt to change, be confident, and have the single taken building an empire finding myself to push to the next level. Have you won any awards?

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Help us build local. Join us!

Help us build local.

What do your parents think you do? My parents always ask how the coupon factory is doing and if I get any extra discounts on campaigns little do they know that I do!

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You probably have a life outside Groupon; what keeps you fulfilled outside of work? My manager baked homemade pizzas and pasta for us to try at am for Italian day and then my colleague and I brought in tapas for Spain day…our team had the most amazing weekly breakfasts on the floor, by FAR! I got my first balayage there and absolutely loved it!

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Your role probably exists at other companies, so what is it about Groupon that keeps you excited to come to work every day? Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

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I minored in Spanish and studied abroad in Spain my Junior year of college. I am now fluent in Spanish and use the language when conversing with some of my Merchants definitely a slower speaker but it works! Meet some of the Sales teammates in Scottsdale who are helping small businesses actualize their goals and in turn building stronger communities. MATT KING, Divisional Sales Manager Tell us about what you do as a Divisional Sales Manager at Groupon Scottsdale.