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Dating villeroy und boch dresden marks


    dating villeroy und boch dresden marks

    Antique Villeroy Boch Dresden Saxony Art Nouveau Blue Poppy Rim Soup Bowl Click images to enlarge Description A beautiful antique art nouveau poppy pattern rim soup bowl made by Villeroy and Boch in Dresden, Germany. Backstamp dates this piece between and Signs of wear consistent with use and age include crazing, light discoloration, and a significant crack through the center.

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    dating villeroy und boch dresden marks

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    dating villeroy und boch dresden marks

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    Please check the listing to determine the time limit for returns. About Us I opened Serendipity Trading on eBay in Having grown up in a home that my family inhabited for almost a century, I was surrounded by antiques and heirlooms. I always loved hearing the stories about how and where our many antiquated possessions were used. We did not have a "throw-away and upgrade" mentality.

    History[ edit ] After his accession in Maximilian III Joseph, Prince-Elector of Bavariacommanded the establishment of manufacturing companies in order to bail out the state finances. On 11 November the first manufactory with potters and modelling shops, painting and writing rooms was set up at the Grüne Schlössl, Neudeck Castle formerly located in the area of the modern day Munich borough of Au-Haidhausen. Not until after Joseph Jakob Ringler had mastered the complex processes of production, regular manufacture of porcelain finally began to succeed.

    If an item was serviceable, we kept it or passed it on to someone single mütter stuttgart could use it. In today's world, with the conservation of environmental resources being a major concern, this way of living makes more sense to me than ever.

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    My business gives me the opportunity to indulge my love of old things with their often superior craftsmanship, period specific design, and unique histories. You, the customer, enable me to do this and I thank you!

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    dating villeroy und boch dresden marks

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