Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Thursday Press Conference | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

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You also retired twice while leading. Does the fact that the showdown is happening at a track where you have a strong record make any difference? I hope to take kennenlernen anzeigen positivity into this weekend.

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Back to you Nico. You qualified ahead of Lewis here last year and you have done so overall in this season, how much satisfaction do you derive from that?

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But of course, yes, knowing that helps and gives me a good opportunity this weekend knowing that my qualifying form has been really good, so that should be another plus going into this race here. Tell us why and your thoughts on those five years with the team?

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I felt it was the time to find new projects, new motivation. It was not an easy decision to make. I was in talks, even last year to be honest, and we wait for this year, for the new car, the new turbo era etc.

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This year I felt around summertime, September, it was time to move and I take the decision. But what is for sure is that it has been an amazing experience.

Сьюзан, чуть подтолкнув, усадила его на место.

So, so happy, so proud to have had those five years with an amazing team, amazing brand like Ferrari. I grew up as a driver, as a person, only good feelings and good words. Obviously we missed the championship, came three times second, but I am single taken meme copy and paste proud of those second places and the work we did in those years. In terms of opening that new door, McLaren says it will announce its drivers on December 1st.

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How much bearing does the test next week with Honda and McLaren have on what you do next? FA: Zero. Moving on to Sebastian then.

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In many ways the destinies of you, Fernando and Jenson have all been interlinked over the last few weeks and months.

How are you feeling about that and why is this the right move for you now? Sebastian VETTEL: I think it felt like the right time.

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But I think at some stage you feel that you want to take on a new challenge and do something different.